Romantic Massage By Sasha Craig-Taylor

Romantic massage for couples

Romantic Massage is the essential guide to massage for couples of all ages.

While the benefits of massage have been known for centuries, few couples are use massage techniques to benefit their relationships.

Romantic massage has been written for couples who would like to not only experience the joys of mutual massage but who would also like to gain the long term benefits that it can bring, not only to their relationship, but also to their health and wellbeing.

Romantic massage includes all the techniques and routines you will require, written in easy to follow language and demonstrated using 177 full colour detailed pictures. This book describes in easy terms the science behind massage, including the positions of underlying muscles and how massage can improve their tone.

There are obviously some additional advantages of a massage from your partner as opposed to a massage you may get at a spar or health farm; it can be more intimate, sensual and lead to higher levels of pleasure.

Giving each other a massage on a regular basis is a fantastic way to improve the bond between yourselves and should be done on a regular basis. Learn which massage techniques your partner likes best and where so you can give your partner a touch of heaven. Be romantic and surprise your partner with a spontanious session of passion and ecstasy.

Massage therapy – are you too shy to try it?

Having been involved in massage therapy for many years I know that many people would never dream of visiting a therapist for a massage session. I can fully understand this, as before I became involved in complementary therapies I would have been far too embarrassed to go for a body massage session.

When I told my friends that I had signed up for a one-year course in Swedish Massage, they grinned knowingly and implied that I should be careful about my reputation. Massage, they said, was for sexual pleasure, not for respectable people.

Massage helps to loosen up stiff muscles and ease pain

So why, if massage had such a bad reputation, did I decide to train as a therapist? I was fortunate enough to come across relaxation massage, during a session with an osteopath who was treating my lower back pain. She was using firm but gentle strokes all along my aching muscles, loosening them up ready for her manipulation. I had tried several osteopaths before this one, but she was the one who made the difference and she made quite an impression on me.

We all use massage without being aware of it.

Sadly, massage still has negative connotations, but actually we nearly all do it to each other without thinking. We stroke and rub babies, we comfort distressed friends, crying children, lovers and even our pets. We even stroke ourselves, with soapy hands, or nourishing skin creams, soothing all those millions of little nerve endings which crave attention.

Loving touch promotes emotional well-being.

I remember seeing a laboratory experiment with baby monkeys, years ago, where the poor babies were taken away from their mothers to see how it would affect their behaviour and psychological development. They had a choice between clinging onto a bottle of milk or a furry substitute mother. They clung to the furry surrogates and became undernourished and emotionally disturbed. This syndrome can be seen in children who are starved of loving touch. Touch, it seems, is imperative to our emotional and physical well-being.

'Romantic Massage', a book that fills a gap in the market.

'Romantic Massage', a book of massage for lovers of all ages, has been a seed in my mind for many years, and it took several years to get it into print. This book is really something different, there are many books about massage but I haven't seen anything so descriptive and detailed, specifically for lovers. I am passionate about the benefits of full body massage. It really is soothing and helps you to build trust in each other. I have seen, time and time again, how massage can relax the receiver, soothe aching muscles, and encourage natural healing.

'Romantic Massage' is a comprehensive guide to massage and massage techniques, from whole body or Swedish Massage, to Indian Head massage, facial massage, foot massage and mutual massage – a massage-for-two routine. This is definitely for the less inhibited of you. You'll need a warm room and comfortable floor or bed. You can perform some interesting contortions, which are well illustrated. This is a naked massage routine, a body to body massage, which in my view is the best massage you can get.

Massage can be for everyone, massage for women, massage for men, prenatal massage, baby massage, everyone can benefit. Massage techniques are clearly illustrated in the book, using clear photography, with their benefits explained. Skin structure and underlying muscles are also described and illustrated. If you understand how the skin and musculature is made up you will see the benefits of the strokes you will learn. Deep tissue massage can be performed over large areas of muscle, such as thighs and buttocks but don't dig too deep or you can cause bruising or discomfort.

Using essential oils for health benefits.

Essential oils also have a part to play. Nature is wonderful for supplying remedies to many complaints. After all, If we all come from the dust of the Universe, then we all share its ingredients, our bodies are merely put together in different ways from the plant and animal kingdom. So lavender oil, designed to protect Mediterranean plants from insects, moulds, viruses and bacteria, can also help us. Its molecules are a similar shape to natural chemicals in our bodies and when applied to the skin, they slip through into the bloodstream and thence fit into the feel-good receptors in the brain.

With its relaxing and antibacterial properties lavender is a must for your natural medicine cupboard. And there are many more essential oils which I use in my massage therapy, which could also help you. But you should read my book to find out more, or even do some further research into Aromatherapy. It is worth learning about the essential oils used in an aromatherapy massage. Don't buy cheap sweetly scented oils, buy the real thing, they last a long time if you keep them cool and in the dark.

Starting massage therapy for reluctant lovers.

So how could you have survived without 'Romantic Massage' all these years? Not only is massage really soothing, it is fun, rewarding, beneficial, and bonding. You really don't need to take all your clothes off to start with, like the lovely models in the book. Just bare one area at a time. Pull up your top a little and ask your partner to rub your back or tummy with some warmed oil. Give plenty of feedback and with practice you will both enjoy it.

Reflexology for feet and hands/

Or if that is too intrusive try a foot massage. Make sure your feet are clean, nails are trimmed and rough skin removed. Practise massaging over the reflexology foot massage points, as outlined in the book. This map of pressure points is similar in the hand. Use firm pressure though, or you will tickle.

Hand massage is lovely too, what better way to express your affection for each other? These things you can do while sitting down and watching television, or listening to your favourite music, but do try to concentrate on what you are doing, and use an old towel to protect your furniture.

Indian Head massage for pain relief.

Neck and shoulders are another area where muscles tighten under stress making them sore and achy. Indian Head massage has been used for generations and can be done fully clothed but why not give your partner a soapy shoulder massage in the shower or bath or even in bed with some baby cream? You can massage anywhere, as long as it is safe and relaxing.

What you need to get started.

What about massage equipment? All you really need is some vegetable oil such as sweet almond oil or rice bran oil, or baby lotion and somewhere to practise. You can use premixed massage oils but many contain additional chemicals which will be absorbed by the skin. So use cushions and a soft towel in front of the fire, a comfy bed or sofa or, if you really get want to learn massage, get a massage couch, preferably with a head hole. They fold up neatly and tuck away in a cupboard between treatments. They are well worth the initial outlay.

The different effects of massage therapy.

Massage can be used for many different purposes, according to the strokes you use and the speed and pressure you apply. Sensual massage or a relaxation massage is a wonderful way to strengthen your relationship. Invigorating massage can tone the muscles and be fun too. The book shows massage techniques and massage tips for all types of home massage treatments.

Home massage can improve your relationship.

There are many advantages to a home massage. It can be performed any time to suit you and your partner, it can be planned or spontaneous, it can improve your relationship, it can improve your skin and muscle tone and perhaps best of all, apart from initial outlay (some oils and of course your copy of the 'Romantic Massage book), it is free, so treat yourself to the book 'Romantic Massage' and give it a try.

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