Romantic Massage By Sasha Craig-Taylor

The Romantic massage book includes.

  • Preface.
  • Touching moments.Why touch is so natural and so important to emotional development and security
  • Skin - a remarkable organ.A simply description of the structure and function of skin and how massage can help to keep it healthy
  • Taking care of your skin.How a healthy diet and lifestyle can keep your skin healthy and flexible
  • Anyone for a massage?.When you should and should not perform a massage
  • Getting started.Getting the right conditions and what equipment and oils to use
  • Essential oils to affect the emotions.How essential oils can affect your emotions
  • Basic massage techniques.A definition of all the strokes used and where and why they are used
  • Whole body massage.A step by step description, with photographs, of a whole body massage routine.
  • Mini massages: Indian head massage.Step by step guide, with photographs, for Head and shoulder massage
  • Mini massages: foot massage.Foot massage routine, including basic reflexogy
  • Mini massages: face Massage.Full description, with photographs, of a face massage
  • Romantic mutual massage.A clear description of a mutual massage routine where both partners can massage each other at the same time.
  • Massage your relationship.The importance of working on your relationship and how massage can help
  • Heightening your senses.Some suggestions for making your massage more exciting
  • Essential oils to enhance your relationship.A list of the more common essential oils and how they affect your emotions
  • Index.

Romantic Massage preface

Welcome to this information packed book on romantic massage. Therapeutic touch is proven to be valuable, in fact essential, in maintaining emotional and physical wellbeing. Massage has been tried and tested over thousands of years. Physical touch strengthens emotional bonds and builds mutual trust - it can turn a failing relationship into a strong one - even help you to express your feelings or save a partnership. Now is your chance to try it.

At last, this is the book you have been waiting for. Learn about what oils to use, the underlying structure of your muscles and bones, when not to massage, and how and why you and your partner could benefit from each other's loving touch. Not only could you improve your relationship, you could help to soften and condition your skin, tone your muscles, reduce stress and lower your heart rate.

Full colour photographs and clear instructions.

The book is packed with clear and tasteful photographs, showing sequences of strokes and positions. If 'a picture paints a thousand words' then this is a book you can't do without. You can dip into it to try a mini massage or why not work your way through - each chapter will give you graphic step by step instructions on a specific type of massage, from face massage to whole body massage. Try it and see, it doesn't matter how old you are, or how young your relationship is, we feel sure you will strengthen your relationship, improve your health .... and have some fun as well, as you get yourselves into some interesting positions!

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Romantic massage book preview

Romantic massage book preview

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