Romantic Massage By Sasha Craig-Taylor

About me

As a child I had a passion for health and health issues, unfortunately over the years have experienced many irritating health problems myself. My insatiable curiosity led me to read many medical books to find out how and why things go wrong with our bodies, rather than just go to the doctor for a prescription. Most people visit their GP because they are experiencing pain but pain is very valuable as an indicator that all is not well. It makes you move with caution, slows you down and forces you to rest, giving your body a chance to heal.

Spiritual healing can be very beneficial.

I became somewhat disillusioned with the use of medicines (both prescribed and off-the-shelf), when I developed a fibroadenoma breast lump in my mid 20's. This, I was told by my doctor, was almost certainly caused by taking the contraceptive pill. I had the lump removed … twice… but as I continued taking the pill, my painful breasts, now full of scar tissue and further lumps, continued to give me grief. It was then that I met a spiritual healer, John Findlay, now sadly passed away.

I guess I was desperate for help and was willing to try anything. My first treatment was amazing. He hovered his hands over the top of my head, not even touching me, while I sat, feeling rather stupid, with my eyes closed. I quickly opened my eyes again though, as warm water seemed to be pouring over my head and down my body. But of course there was no water, only some kind of lovely soothing energy coming from John's hands. I was amazed and wanted to know what had happened. John signalled for me to remain quiet and just enjoy the peace. Of course I continued to visit him, every week, and after a year the pain and lumps had gone. It was during this time that I became involved in spiritual healing myself, which led to me using my natural gifts to help other people.

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